RV Repair Tips – From Our Shop to the Open Road

Rv repair tips are great, but when you need help on the road, there’s nothing better than professional help. If you need RV service in the Houston area, call our team for help. 

“The black tank is clogged!” That’s not the news you want to hear on your extended road trip. Unfortunately, bad things happen out on the road – even to experienced RV owners. 

Moreover, RV repair is often more complex than a minor car issue. With the vast array of systems at play, there are too many ways for a wrench to drop into your plans. 

Still, it’s better to prepare for the worst than to hope for the best. It’s a great idea to prepare for potential issues ahead of time. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, part of planning any trip is to prepare for the unexpected. 

Below, we cover a few issues and how to prepare for them. However, there are a few essential tools that every RV owner needs. 

  • Travel insurance 
  • Roadside assistance or a rescue plan 
  • RV insurance and car insurance

RV Repair Tips for the Road

Even when you arm yourself with the right protections, it’s crucial to understand how to find an RV repair service near you. Whether you are home or on a road trip, it’s important to understand when to call in the experts. 

Below, we look at a few RV repair tips to help you get back out on the open road. 

RV Repair Package

Before you head out, put together an RV repair package and store it somewhere that’s easy to find. In your packet, you should have the following information. 

  • RV insurance documents
  • The insurance plan for your tow vehicle 
  • Roadside assistance information 
  • Contact information for each plan
  • Warranty and service plans

If you have all this data in a folder, you can write out the contact information on the front. This makes the process of finding help much less stressful. Trust us when we tell you that it’s hard to find the right information when you feel frustrated or stressed out.  

Understanding Your Warranty and Service Plans

If you bought your rig through a dealership, it’s possible you have a warranty from your purchase. Oftentimes, manufacturers provide warranties and extended service plans. In these plans, you have tools at your disposal. 

For instance, technical chats and service hotlines are a great way to find the help you need out on the road. When something doesn’t work as expected, you can contact someone to help you troubleshoot and find a solution on the phone. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to check what’s included in your purchase. Some dealerships offer owners the number to a hotline or roadside assistance service that they run or partner with. When you know your service plan, be sure to include it in your RV repair package. 

Let Your Service Plans Do Their Job

When it comes to RV repair tips, one of the hardest things to do is figure out who to contact. If you have access to roadside assistance or a hotline, use the information in your packet. 

Oftentimes, when hotlines can’t help, they know who to send you to instead. Generally, they send you to a nearby or mobile RV repair service. Alternatively, they might locate the closest repair shop covered by your warranty. 

Remember, it’s important to follow the suggestions of your warranty or service plan. When you deviate from it, you risk voiding your coverage. 

Mobile RV Repair

For RV repair tips out on the road, there’s not much better than a mechanic who comes to you. When your motorhome fails you on the open road, a mobile repair service is a great tool. When you need a minor repair, they offer a helping hand. 

This is especially useful when you can’t make it to the closest repair center approved by your warranty. Typically, they’ll then find a service to send someone your way. Remember, though, this convenience tends to come at a cost. 

Often, mobile RV repair is more expensive since the mechanic travels your way. Moreover, they aren’t always equipped for extensive repairs. 

DIY RV Repair Tips

As far as RV repair tips go, reserve this for those with experience. When your motorhome needs a minor repair, there are plenty of resources online to walk you through it. DIY specialists love to share their success stories online. Moreover, everyone loves to save money. 

A motorhome is similar to a boat or a car. Working parts and components ensure that each system runs properly. In some cases, there are easy to fix in a short time. 

However, other repairs take hours if not days and require technical knowledge. When you want to fix the problem on your own, it is essential to follow safety protocol. Don’t try anything that voids your warranty…

Get Back on the Road

With these handy RV repair tips, there’s no reason to let the thought of a breakdown get you down. As RV repair specialists, we’ve seen everything from tire blowouts to broken windows and plumbing issues. 

When you follow the above tips, you have what you need to find the assistance you require. With proper preparation, you can get back on the road. 

Before you head out on the road, stop by our repair shop for a maintenance check. With a thorough diagnosis, you know the condition of your RV before you hit the open road.