Houston RV Upholstery
Repair Services

RV Upholstery Repair Houston Relies On

When it comes to RV upholstery repair, Houston RVers rely on TX RV Repair for efficient, effective service. As the maintenance provider to the largest fleet of RV rentals in Texas, we specialize in on-site repairs to motorhome upholstery.

From vinyl and fabric to plastic and carpet, we offer a cost-effective alternative to extensive replacement costs. Our experienced technicians work with an array of RV manufacturers and models, with expert knowledge in restoration and maintenance.

Whether you have a Class A motorhome or a travel trailer, we perform a broad range of repairs to keep your recreational vehicle in tip-top shape. No matter what you need, we keep you ready for your next adventure!

RV Upholstery Repair Houston Relies On

Motorhome Upholstery Repair Services

Upholstery Repair Services for Motorhomes

When you want to update your motorhome with a new look and full, our Houston RV upholstery services help you bring your dream RV to life. From updated curtains and custom roller shades to upgraded upholstery, our team has you covered.

With on-site motorhome upholstery services, we offer a broad range of RV furniture materials to suit your tastes and comfort. Our team has experience with a range of products, from dashboard mats to couches to custom privacy shields!

RV Upholstery Services in Houston

Awning fabric repair and slide topper repair

Car seat repair


Custom RV upholstery and repair

Customized window graphics and shields

Dashboard mat repair

Daytime & nighttime shades

Entry and step mats

Fine furniture materials

Privacy screens

Rear couch murals

Roller shades

RV furniture fabric

Windshield screens

Upholstery Repair Services for Motorhomes

Customizations and Cleanings for RV Upholstery Repair

Customizations and Cleanings for RV Upholstery Repair

Not happy with how your RV looks? When you want to update the upholstery or interior, we have the solutions you need! At TX RV Repair Shop, we offer a full range of services for RV upholstery repair. Houston RV owners have options!

Whether you want to repair and reupholster or customize your RV, our experienced technicians know how to help. With clear pricing options, we guide you through the process to provide the results you want.

  • Thorough cleanings of seats and furniture
  • Repair for RV furniture
  • Replacement of upholstery materials
  • Re-upholster services and upgrades

Houston RV Upholstery Repair With Experience

As the lead maintenance provider to the largest fleet of motorhome rentals in Texas, we’ve seen it all. Trust in our team to get the job done right! At our shop, we restore damaged RV furniture to like-new condition. Often, owners find this saves them significantly compared to replacement.

Restoration & Repair

Our specialists strive to offer dramatic results in a convenient manner, with a broad spectrum of customization services. With years of experience and advanced equipment, we revitalize the interior of your motorhome or camper trailer. We work diligently to restore and enhance RV furniture, returning it to its former glory.

From rips and tears to gouges and scrapes, RV upholstery takes on a great deal of wear and tear in your adventures. With our Houston RV upholstery services, we help you stay ready for your next adventure.

Water Damage and Fire Damage

Oftentimes, we even have the ability to restore water and fire-damaged upholstery to their former glory. As a Houston RV repair business, we provide customers with high-quality repairs and superior service.

Trust in the team at TX RV Repair Shop to care for your recreational vehicle. With unparalleled expertise, we offer unsurpassed workmanship.

RV Upholstery Repair Houston Trusts

At TX RV Repair Shop, we bring our experience and expertise to the Greater Houston Area and those passing through. With our advanced skills in RV upholstery repair, leather cleaning, and interior trim repair, we help your family stay adventure-ready.

When it feels like you have to scrap expensive RV furniture, stop by our shop first to see what we can do. We strive to help RV owners reduce the cost of ownership and increase profitability.

Learn how you can uncover significant cost savings with our expert technicians. Book an appointment today to get a quote!